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    The staff is now building net enterprises within the company and the various aspects of the market pressure, work pressure is more and more big, then we should be how to overcome the pressure you?
Related professionals, working pressure can not avoid, rather than "burst liver", "death from overwork", "overfatigue fat" these words be your fate, smart managers probably find out countermeasures for active, turn pressure into power.

一、做好心思建造(A good idea, construction)




    1 see pressure attitude: "our days in a worried, change, uncertain continuous attack international, it is necessary that you used to pressure,". Www.xinyuesw.com
The study found that, when the brain is negative, the serious pressure, simple "opposition or avoid" (fightorflight) natural response, so consider to limited. And when you take is a positive, caring attitude, your brain response will be converted into "development and construction" (broadenandbuild), help to spread out the consideration of breadth, find out more possibilities.
Therefore, serious when, "try to pressure as challenges, rather than a threat," this mentality transformation, can put pressure to become encouraged not paralysis - strength.



    2 aggregation can operate on your part: many people used to self cannot change operation (such as high-level personnel changes) and sad, energy tight.
Blind people under great pressure, can do exercises: a specific list of sources of pressure all one by one, and then classified into two lists, one is you can control part, the other one is beyond what you can control. Then, put your focus on the first list, don't tube second.



    3: don't abandon perfectionism self or others hope all perfect, demand perfection will only make you feel constantly twists and turns, be contrite and reform oneself. As for practical policy, then strain every nerve.
"Many times, homework to do eight very can hit, not that the remaining two very much, but has little effect on human resources," Professor Maduisen said, the eight is very philosophical, can make your day at eight in the evening before work. "


    4 automatic distress, build your support network: in anxiety, if someone can make you pour out the mood and mind, how much can help you vent, ease the pressure. So, including family members, friends, partners, customers, professors and doctors, counseling, usually to establish supportive relationship with others, the best is to those not from a can not change the homework all day complaining people make friends.

用对办法减压(On the way of decompression)


    1 pick something important to do: set policies and priorities. Put the center of gravity in the first operation, namely those non to yourself no homework. Other things, to appropriate authorization, try to give others disposal, forcing a for those who want to do the thing that does not do, open eyes closed eyes - at least, so the current.


    2 the pressure segment: if hand problem or case load of true is too big, can cut like sausage, subsection disposal. For example, to face the situation is split into two or three to dispose of the crucial point of the urgency to resolve the situation.


    3 organization "relaxing moment": because you are not machines, so demand timely vent and rest. In accordance with your natural rhythm, in operation process into the appropriate relaxation time (downtime), perhaps you right from a tight one morning, afternoon to relax. Conditions permitting, every day for a period of time, perhaps do some from delight, walk, pick up the operating environment, listen to music, or doing nothing, even if it is only five minute.





    4 good time for learning: for a moment, it is useful to maximize, anxiety, pressure method. Several criteria necessary to master:
Distinguish important and unimportant things
Resolution is urgent and non urgent things
A careful analysis of how to use the self a moment, to find out the shortcomings to improve



    5 laugh: workplace professor Collins's work on the table, ready to swing a pile of humorous essay, anxiety, he picked up a book, see laughter stopped. Another career consultant buck insists that, exercise can bring advantages on the energy, "I know a swim twenty laps later, mind than what all clear. "
Through sports, relax, laugh and whatever it takes to make you happy, keep balance in Ankang the day, is the key to release the pressure, let you keep the best working status. To decompression, the most simple way, from every few minutes to start laughing.